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A commemorative edition of the 2 albums Take Care And Control (1997) and Operation Hummingbird (1999).


Includes extra tracks which are not featured on the 2LP version, “Wolf Angel” and “Circo Massimo”.



Echoes of the past Ring with echoes of The Now


The War Chimes are over And the Slave Bells have been rung


Death In June releases its ESSENCE!


Hooded Crosses For the Bullet Hearted


New album from 2018


Commemorative Edition

Finally re-assembled onto 1 single CD and a double LP the best of 1992’s ‘But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?’ and 1995’s ‘Rose Clouds Of Holocaust’ albums plus 2 rare single tracks from the same period, which is generally considered one of the high points in Death In June’s career.


Commemorative Edition

This very special LP features re-recorded, stripped back acoustic ‘Totenpop’ versions of 15 of the best of 1992’s ‘But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?’ and 1995’s ‘Rose Clouds Of Holocaust’ albums plus ‘Leopard Flowers’ from the same period which is generally considered one of the high points in Death In June’s career. These classics re-recorded in June 2005 and mixed and produced in December, 2008 were originally only available on the 2009 limited stone commemorative edition ‘Symbols And Clouds Euro Cross’.

The Snow Bunker Tapes’ were recorded between December 2009 and July 2010 at Big Sound Studios, Adelaide, Australia, and are the original recordings that were given to Miro Snejdr to transcribe onto his piano.
They eventually became the ‘Peaceful Snow’ album. Although these songs were recorded in a studio setting, no track is as sonically “built” as most Death In June songs are.

Douglas P, in describing the material, said “To paraphrase one of Alan McGee’s favourite lines, ‘It’s pure (Toten) pop!’”



Gone the Totenpop guitar, it’s now time to march to the 88 keys of the Lounge Corps Piano Bar; ‘PEACEFUL SNOW‘!

The latest studio album from DEATH IN JUNE features 13 new ‘Totenpop Torchsongs’ by Douglas P, accompanied by Slovakian pianist Miro Snejdr.

Never Come In From The Cold – It’s too Cool outside in the ‘PEACEFUL SNOW’!

Best Of Lounge Corps” presents all 19 piano instrumentals personally chosen by Douglas P from a collection of Death In June tracks arranged and performed by Miro Snejdr.

The collection includes four pieces from Death In June’s last studio album, “Peaceful Snow”, and seven timeless classics spanning Death In June’s career.

“From Autumnal to Vernal Equinox this is the Death In June Winter tree. Stripped bare but, for 13 of its branches. But, they are as strong as ever and with 13 glasses and 1 last toast this new album captures the true essence of Death In June, again setting new standards in its self-created genre.

Let The Blackbirds Kiss You And May The Rule Of Thirds Dictate Your Life.”



Abandon Tracks is a collection of rarities, remixes and original unreleased recordings from the canon of Death In June that brings a full stop to a certain period of Death In June’s history.

16 tracks in total. 7 from various compilations or rare single/tour related releases plus 9 other remixed and previously unissued original recordings. Manna from Heaven Street!

Another in the “Cleanse The Hand That Feeds You” Leprosy Discs series, this exercise in exorcism is a sonically double edged ritual.

Whilst the original 2001 release saw the return of the classic Death In June instrumentation of acoustic guitars and trumpet, with the addition of accordion by Andreas Ritter (Forseti), industrial elements also permeate half the album.


A Compilation Of Personal Choice

Considered by many as the best “beginner’s guide to Death In June”, this 2 CD collection of 33 songs from 1981-1997 was compiled personally by Douglas P. in 1997

Several versions of the songs are exclusive to this compilation and most of the tracks are from now deleted or hard to find albums and singles



 The soundtrack to the funeral of New Europa imprisoned by its past, an idea originally inspired by Douglas P.‘s wartime experiences in Croatia between 1991-95. This 1996 collaboration with Richard Leviathan (Strength Through Joy/Ostara) continues in a similar musical vein first seen on the Scorpion Wind project released the same year.

The classic, full album from 1995, featuring the title song Rose Clouds Of Holocaust.

Death In June’s “Occidental Martyr” was originally released in 1995. It features screen actor Max Wearing reading lyrics to Death In June songs over a soundtrack recorded by Douglas P. specially for the album. Max Wearing appeared in Peter Weir’s “Gallipoli” (1981), and Richard Wolstencroft’s”Pearls Before Swine” (1999).

The classic, full album from 1992 featuring the songs Little Black Angel and title song But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?.



A compilation of tracks from Brown Book, The World That Summer plus previously unreleased tracks and remixes.

The classic 1989 album, including Fall Apart.



A compilation of tracks from Brown Book, The World That Summer plus previously unreleased tracks and remixes.



This digitally remastered edition was the bonus CD accompanying the 20th Anniversary Stone Circle Edition of ‘Brown Book’ issued in 2007, and contains the original album plus remixed, re-recorded and rare versions of the remaining songs.

In effect it is Brown Book II – ‘Braun Buch Zwei’!

To test and to try, this is the sound of the true believer, sounding better than ever!

“There is nothing more beautiful or so alluring than self-deceit. In a World full of dead ends there is little to hold onto. One sees oneself in how one stands in relation to others. That can be a lonely picture. Lies, therefore, dominate. There is no cure. When all seems lost, something unexpected happens. To taint beyond redemption, The World That Summer.” (original promo text from 1986)



Live in Brest 10.XII.2011

Recorded on multitrack and remixed at the Edge Of The World, not far from the prison where Jean Genet conceived the idea of ”Querelle de Brest’, this recording, featuring John Murphy on drums, captures the return of Death In June to a French stage after 6 years of absence.

After a first edition on LP released in 2013 (and a reissue in 2017), this live recording was remixed again and released on CD+7″ with a new improved sound and an emphasis on John Murphy‘s stunning drumming.


Live in Wien, 27.X.2011

Recorded in a secret location (a disused brewery in Vienna, Austria) the venue soon became not so secret as police and state security officers were alerted to this special occasion by an actual member of the paying audience wishing to close the event down. Of course, nothing of the sort happened. The police and security officers visited and soon departed, satisfied that all was in order.

But the atmosphere of this evening of uncertainty and sly treachery can clearly be heard on these recordings and ‘Live In Wien’ shows Death In June at its best in performance literally vanquishing”the enemy within”.


Live in Melbourne 24.V.2000

A surprise release of a very recently unearthed live recording of an excellent and exciting performance at the famous Esplanade Hotel in Melbourne, Australia in May, 2000 featuring one of the first stripped back acoustic shows that was to go on to tour America and Europa in the next 5 years. 4 extra tracks from another Australian performance in 2002 which came as a limited CD with the LP now added.


Live in Croatia 8.X.1992

Recorded live in Zagreb in 1992, this also includes songs that were recorded for the Croatian National Radio, and songs that were played live in Zagreb 10 years later in 2002.


Live In London 28.VIII.1984

Initially issued as a bootleg, this recording is of the first time that David Tibet appeared live with Death In June (at The Fridge in London, 8/28/84).


” 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

Exorcised tracks all go to Heaven

Done with Love and hate and Holy War

Exorcise another 7 more….”

Remixes and original recordings featuring the vox et voces of David Tibet.

The 6 track CD e.p. of ‘Extras’ that came with the now deleted 2006 release of the 20th Anniversary Edition of Death In June’s ‘The World That Summer’ stone box album is now released separately in an individual card slipcase.

This EP CD came as a bonus with the 1998 “Take Care & Control” LP.

The single that was released prior to the album “Rose Clouds Of Holocaust

This maxi includes two versions of the title song, and live recordings from Paris, January 5, 1993.